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Adult Accounts

Place your financial future in safe hands

Whatever your savings goals, Stafford Railway are here to help. Our Easy Access, Notice, Regular Savings and ISA accounts are all you need to keep your savings on track.

Account name Minimum account balance Interest rate Notice period on withdrawal Availability Other
Regular Saver – Issue 1 £25 1.00% None Private individuals only.  None Details
Notice 60 Account £10,000 0.50% 60 Days

Private individuals only.

Withdrawals, closure & transfers are subject to 60 days’ written notice.

Cash ISA Account £1 0.40% None

Private individuals only.

 None Details
Pullman £1 0.15% None

Private individuals and unincorporated entities including sole traders, partnerships, clubs & trusts.

Includes 'Coachman' account merged into Pullman on 01 Nov 2019.