Sponsorship & Investing in Your Community

As a mutual building society, we’re built by and for our local community. So, we take a keen interest in what’s going on outside our doors. As a socially minded bunch, we’ll speak up and stand up and always invest and join in with activities that help make your community a more vibrant place to be.

We’re committed to local sponsorship and receive regular requests for sponsorship cooperation, so we always allocate our support as wisely and fairly as possible.

The Stafford Building Society has clear goals with our sponsorship: we want to act as a positive force in society through our local presence.

Our sponsorship will:

  • Be commercial and based on agreements between parties
  • Reach broad groups in society
  • Have a local focus
  • Strengthen the image of The Stafford and our brand
  • Be directed to activities that share our values
  • Treat our partnership with you seriously
  • Strive for balance between sport, culture and society

We Want Sponsorship Cooperation to Include Added Value for The Stafford Through:

  • Our professional relationship with you
  • The Stafford’s brand being visible in your marketing
  • Having the opportunity to offer financial information to your members
  • Having the right to mention you in our marketing

We Want to Avoid Sponsorship to:

  • Individuals
  • Projects that don’t align with our values or are not locally based

We also don’t sign sponsorship agreements with individual teams, only with the main association.

Planning a Community-Based Initiative You Think We’ll Love?

If you’d like to apply for sponsorship or have any questions, please contact our 4 Market Square, Stafford, ST16 2JH branch.

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