How do I register for Stafford Online?

    Visit our website at and select ‘Stafford Online’ at the top right of the page. This will open the welcome page. Click on ‘Register’ and follow the online instructions. Once you have registered online, we will send you a text message or email with your User ID and Activation Key to your registered details.

    You can activate your registration by following the login process on the welcome page from the online tab. Please note that you set all passwords during the registration process. The text or email message will not contain your password, so please ensure you can remember this.

    What is my Activation Key and how do I use it?

    Your registration text or email contains a single-use Activation Key which is a series of letters and numbers. You’ll need to use this when you activate your registration.

    The Activation Key will be requested after you’ve input your User ID and Password. Once you’ve successfully activated your registration, you won’t need to use the Activation Key again.

    If you forget your password, we’ll send you a new Activation Key via email to reset your details. Please ensure you use this new Activation Key to reset your details, not the original one sent to you in your registration text or letter, as the Key is designed to be single-use and won’t work again.

    What is my User ID and where can I find it?

    You’ll need your User ID to log in to the system.  You can find this number in the text or email message sent to you when you first registered to use the online service.

    You can reset your password using the ‘Forgotten Details?’ button. However, your User ID can’t be changed as this is unique to you. If you’ve forgotten it and don’t have the original text or email message, you’ll need to email us at, and we’ll be able to help you access your online account.

    What should I use as my password?

    As well as your User ID, you’ll need your password to access your online account each time you log in.

    Whereas your User ID is assigned to you, and you can choose your own password. You’ll set this yourself when registering and we won’t be able to see this. It can be anything you like as long as it meets the following criteria:

    Passwords need to:

    • be a minimum of eight characters and a maximum of 64 characters
    • contain at least one number
    • contain at least one special character (e.g. !£$%&*)
    • contain a mixture of least one uppercase and one lowercase letter.

    Please remember that when logging in, your password is case-sensitive, and when inputting the characters, they need to match the original inputted details.

    I’ve come to a screen saying ‘Your user has been suspended’. What should I do?

    If you’ve entered incorrect details three times when attempting to log in you’ll be locked out of trying and your user will be suspended. This means that even if there has been a successful attempt while the user is blocked, you cannot log into the account. Please call our member services team on 01785 223212. They’ll ask you a few security questions and set you back to pending. You’ll then be able to log in successfully using the correct details.

    What should I do if I forget my user ID and password?

    If you forget your password and suspend your account, click the ‘Forgotten Details’ button on the welcome page. You’ll then be taken through the on-screen process for resetting your details. We recommend that you enter a different Password to the one you chose originally. After clicking the ‘Reset Password’ button, you’ll receive an email containing an Activation Key, enabling you to unlock your account. Your User ID will not change.

    Please note you must reactivate your account within 21 days of receiving your Activation Key.

    The system keeps rejecting my login details – can I start again from the beginning and re-register?

    The system will only reject your login details if some information is entered incorrectly. Unfortunately, our system won’t tell you what you’re entering is incorrect. To find this out, contact our member services team who will be able to help. Your User ID is created when you first register for the service and is unique to you. For security reasons, we can’t issue you with multiple User IDs, so it is not possible to re-register. If you’re having difficulties with the system, please get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to talk you through the login process while you’re online and on the phone.

    The website doesn’t seem to be working on my device. Why?

    If the website isn’t working correctly (for example, if the links/buttons aren’t working or the page seems to be displaying strangely), it may be because you’re not using the latest version of your internet browser. A browser is the software that gives you access to the internet (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge).

    We recommend that you use Stafford Railway Online on a Desktop PC. If you’re using a tablet, please use Google Chrome and not Safari.

    Requesting a withdrawal

    Unfortunately, there’s currently no way of making a withdrawal from Stafford Railway Online. We still require the passbook to move money out of Stafford Railway. Our first phase of Banking Online is a viewing platform only. But you can use the messages section on Stafford Railway Online to request the relevant forms to be sent to you through the email associated with your account. Our member services team will be able to advise you how to make a postal transaction request while we still operate as a viewing platform only.

    Can I set notice on my account via Banking Online?

    You can send a message via Stafford Railway Online informing the branch team that you wish to set notice on your account. We require the closure method to be included on this message as well. After we’ve set the notice for you, you’ll receive a compliment slip to your home address informing you of the dates on which a withdrawal can be made.  A week before your withdrawal period you can send your passbook in to us at:

    Stafford Railway, 4 Market Square, Stafford, ST16 2JH.

    Once the first day of the notice period begins, we’ll complete the withdrawal/closure and return the book to you in the post. Please note that if the value exceeds £75,000.00 and you’ve opted for the Faster Payment option, the transaction will be carried out over two days, as £75,000 is the daily limit for our electronic transfers.

    Can I change my address online?

    Yes – you can tell us your new address by completing this form, Change of address form, and then sending us a copy or a scan of it via the secure messaging service through Banking Online. This facility can be found in the menu on the left of your Homepage. To send us a message, click on ‘Messages’ and then ‘New’.

    Can I pay money into my account online?

    Depending on what account you hold with us will determine the reference you use, as this is a requirement on any transaction, so we know where to allocate what funds. Without the reference number, the funds will be returned.

    The details for paying into your account will be as follows:

    Business Account
    Stafford Railway
    Sort code: 40-05-30
    Account number: 24575962
    Reference: (Your Stafford Account Number)

    Why doesn’t my money show in my account straight away?

    Money sent to us via a bank may take until the close of business the following working day to display in Online Banking. If you’re concerned a payment hasn’t gone through after this time, please call us on 01782 223212.

    How long will it take to open my account?

    It can take us up to 5 working days to open your savings account and post out your passbook.