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Here at Stafford Railway Building Society we have a wide range of saving accounts for both adults and children that can help you reach your savings goals. If you are unsure which account will suit you best, more information can be found on each account by Clicking the account name your after.


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Adult Accounts     
Pullman £1 - £450,0003.25%None Apply Here
Pullman (Monthly interest)£1 - £450,0003.25%None Apply Here
Regular Saver£25 upwards5.15%None Apply Here
Cash ISA£1 upwards3.60%None Apply Here
Notice 35£5000 - £75,0003.60%35 Days Apply Here
Notice 60£5000 - £100,0003.80%60 Days Apply Here
Notice 90£5000 - £150,0004.65%90 Days Apply Here
Child Accounts     
First Track£1 - £50,0003.60%None Apply Here
Junior ISA£1 upwards4.75%None Apply Here
Affinity Accounts     
Black and amber (Stafford Rugby Club)£100-£100,0003.10%None Apply Here
Black and white (Stafford Rangers FC)£100 - £100,0003.10%None Apply Here
Katharine House Hospice Affinity£100 - £100,0003.10%None Apply Here
Support Staffordshire (Formerly Stafford Community)£100 - £100,0003.10%None Apply Here
Pullman Affinity - World Land Trust£100 - £100,0003.10%None Apply Here
Corporate Pullman£1 - £450,0003.05%None Must apply via branch or post

For more information on any of these accounts please click on the product name shown above or get in contact with us on 01785 223212. Please also contact us on this number if you have any questions about closed issue accounts.

Thank you. 


We offer transparent interest rates, sustainable over the longer term with no gimmicks or introductory rates. 

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