Savings tariff

We always believe in doing business in a fair and open way, so we offer all our investment services free of charge. Any charge we incur via third parties will only be passed on at cost. Here are the details of our investment tariff.

Investment Tariff (Effective 1st Dec 2005)

Cash withdrawalNil
Cheque withdrawalNil
Written details of interest paidNil
Lost passbookNil
Copy statementNil
Photocopy documentsNil
Registering probateNil
Change of account titleNil
Banker's reference Nil
Letter feeNil
Administration feeNil
Returned cheque feeNil
Replacement cheque feeNil
Stopped chequeNil
Duplicate tax certificatesNil
ISA transfer feeNil
Electronic transfer feeAt cost*

*Stafford Railway Building Society is charged a fee for this service by its Bank. This fee is passed on to you at cost. This tariff is subject to change.

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