Our savings accounts at a glance

Account nameMinimum opening balanceNotice period on withdrawalAvailabilityOther information
Pullman£1NoneIndividuals, sole traders, partnerships, clubs etcMaximum balance £450,000 (plus interest).
Coachman£1NonePrivate individuals onlyAvailable to UK citizens and postcodes ST15-ST21
Cash ISA£1NonePrivate individuals aged over 16 in their sole nameSee 'ISAs explained'
Junior Cash ISA£1Withdrawals on maturitySee Junior ISA key features Currently not open to Child Trust Fund transfers in.
See Junior ISA terms and conditions
Black & White£2507 days*Individuals, sole traders, partnerships, clubs etcDonation to Stafford Rangers FC
First Track£1NoneIndividuals up to 17. Closes to Pullman on your 21st birthday.Maximum balance of £50,000 (plus interest)
Corporate Pullman£1NoneCorporate bodies Currently closed to new applications.
Maximum balance of £450,000 (plus interest)
Clients£1NoneSolicitors and professional practicesIndividual passbook, deposit account.
First Class return (closed issue)Reclassified as a Pullman account with effect from 1st July
Support Staffordshire/World Land Trust (closed issue)Interest rate 0.60%. Donation to Support Staffordshire/World Land Trust

*Minimum balance required in account at all times

•    No transaction charges
•    All accounts, except World Land Trust, are branch based
•    Minimum withdrawal by cheque is £10
•    Interest paid annually on 31 October
•    Limits apply to cash withdrawals – see terms and conditions
•    Withdrawals by post available by cheque only
•    Postal withdrawals dispatched by return of post
•    Minimum withdrawal by CHAPS is £5,000
•    Branch based accounts may be operated by post at the applicants expense
•    A free match ticket is given with all new Black and White accounts.

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