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Our Saving Accounts

Here at Stafford Railway Building Society we have a wide range of saving accounts for both adults and children that can help you reach your savings goals. If you are unsure which account will suit you best, have a look at our comparison page that breaks down each of our accounts to help make it easier to understand.

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Adult Accounts

We have a wide range of adult savings accounts
all with their own benefits.

Children's Accounts

Get children off on the right track with a savings account
with Stafford Railway Building Society. 

Affinity Accounts

Affinity accounts are a great way to support community organisations. You save into an affinity account and we'll make a donation at the end of each year to the organisation.

Corporate Accounts

Business and Corporate Savings which can be operated in branch or on the phone

We offer transparent interest rates, sustainable over the longer term with no gimmicks or introductory rates. 

How to apply for an account

To find out how to open an account, have a look at each account. Compare accounts below

Our Savings Calculator

See how you could use our calculator to reach your savings goals