Self-employed mortgage

We can help with self-employed mortgages for those who run their own business, contractors, consultants and professional partners.

Mortgage type Initial rate Term SVR Maximum LTV Product fee Arrangement fee ERC Available to
2 Year Discount Residential 75% LTV 1.99% variable 2 Years 3.45% Variable

3.30% APRC

75% Nil £499 Yes Purchases, movers, remortgage and capital raising View details
2 Year Discount Residential 90% LTV 2.10% variable 2 Years 3.45% Variable

3.30% APRC

90% £299 Nill Yes Purchases, movers View details
Variable 3.45% variable N/A 3.45% Variable

3.6% APRC

75% Nil Nil No Remortgage, purchase, capital raising View details

All rates accurate as of 1st April 2019.

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