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We understand not all borrowers are the same, we don't all fit into boxes. From first time buyers, those with complex incomes, borrowers nearing or are already retired, we’ll help find the mortgage that's right for you.

With flexible, manual underwriting we can take a view on your individual circumstances and often find a way to help support making your dreams come true.

We're here to help with

Lending into retirement

Are you looking for a mortgage that goes beyond your state retirement age?

Lending in retirement

Already in receipt of pension income and looking for a mortgage up to age 85?

Four applicants

Do you need a mortgage that considers more than just 2 applicants?

Repat Expat

Returning to the UK and looking to purchase a property but have a limited credit profile?

Term Standard
to Value
Overall Cost
for Comparison
75% LTV - Discounted Variable Mortgage 1.99% (Variable) 2 years 2.95% (Variable) 75% 2.90% APRC None £499 Yes

Key Features

  • Available for house purchases, moving home, remortgages and capital raising
  • 0.96% discount off Stafford Railway’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) for two years giving a current variable rate of 1.99%, followed by our SVR for the rest of the term (currently 2.95% variable).
  • The overall cost for comparison is 2.90% APRC
  • An arrangement fee of £499 applies
  • Valuation fees apply
  • 10% of the outstanding balance each year can be overpaid without penalty
  • Interest calculated daily
  • Representative Example
    A mortgage of £168,800 payable over 20 years initially on a discounted variable rate of 1.99% for 2 years and then on our Standard Variable Rate (SVR) currently 2.95% (variable) for the remaining 18 years would require 24 monthly payments of £827.86 followed by 216 monthly payments of £897.05 The total amount payable would be £214,565.44 made up of the loan amount plus interest (£50,765.44), a valuation fee of £325, a funds transfer fee of £25, estimated solicitors fees of £145 and an arrangement fee of £499. The overall cost for comparison is 2.90% APRC representative.

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