Our Team

Our staff are the engine room of Stafford Railway Building Society and our cashier and mortgage teams deliver first class service. 

The Mortgage Team

The mortgage department deals with all mortgage processing from receiving the application to completion of the mortgage.
You will always deal with the same friendly, helpful staff who are happy to assist you with any queries.

SRBS Mortgages - Laura Lawton

Laura Lawton
Head of Mortgage Sales

SRBS Mortgages - Nicola Beaumont

Nicola Beaumont
Mortgage Underwriter

SRBS Mortgages - Katharine Thompson

Katharine Thompson
Mortgage Advisor

SRBS Mortgages - Alison Tarling

Alison Tarling
Mortgage Processor

SRBS Branch - Megan Edge

Megan Edge
Mortgage Administrator

The Cashier Team

The Cashier Team are the team that ensures your accounts are up-to-date and accurate and provide your deposits and withdrawals.

SRBS Branch - Vicki Cartwright

Vicki Cartwright
Branch Manager

SRBS Branch - Alison Hunt

Alison Hunt
Cashier Team

SRBS Branch - Lesley Kotara

Lesley Kotara
Cashier Team

SRBS Branch - Linda Stacey

Linda Stacey
Cashier Team

SRBS Branch - Angela Kissman

Angela Kissman
Cashier Team

SRBS Branch - Rachel Dalton

Rachel Dalton
Cashier Team